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Petronella McGovern has co-written two non-fiction books: a travelogue and an Olympic memoir.

For Love and a Beetle, Ivan Hodge with Petronella McGovern

In the early 1960s, Ivan and Beth Hodge drove from London to Calcutta in a little blue Volkswagen Beetle. Through Communist countries, across deserts, camping in villages where the locals had never seen foreigners. Thirty-five years later, they attempted the same trip in the same car. The book follows the two journeys, capturing the vast changes in our world. The Beetle is now in the Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Find out more here.


"An easy-to-read story about life, love, a changing world and a blue VW Beetle."
The Herald Sun


Trailblazers: Australia’s First Olympic Equestrians,
Wyatt Thompson with Petronella McGovern 

A resilient Aussie team had just over a year to transform their 'cowboy' style to Olympic equestrian standard to enter the 1956 Games. While the equestrian world sneered at the newcomers, the Aussie 'underdogs' battled tragedy and setbacks. They blazed a trail for the future of Australian equestrians.


"A book that just asks to be read in one sitting ... It truly is a ripping yarn, a tale of  outrageous bravado!" The Horse Magazine

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